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Independent Consultant  Lisa Hyde

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Lisa Hyde
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My Story
<p>Growing up in Los Angeles, even as a former talent agent/manager, I had always been passionate (ok, borderline obsessed) about my skincare regimen! </p><p>After developing adult cystic acne in my 30's, the treatment I received left me with melasma. Frustrated and disappointed that the expensive prescriptions, lasers and peels didn't work, I found myself constantly looking for the "next, best product" in the marketplace. </p><p>So, when I found out about&nbsp;Rodan + Fields, I had to try it immediately... but it was the business model that blew me away and why I said YES! The opportunity of partnering with the "Dermatological Dream Team" and their clinically proven, multi-med therapy regimens was a no-brainer! The icing, were the results I got from the REVERSE LIGHTENING Regimen, my skin has never looked better. And at 50, that's saying a lot!</p><p>I still get compensated to help people but now it's about improving their confidence, appearance and financial futures on my terms. I just love the flexible lifestyle it offers and truly enjoy creating my own financial independence and helping others do the same... it's so exciting to watch my team&nbsp;expand&nbsp;across the globe and knowing our clients are getting great results too!&nbsp;</p><p><em>This is my unique story. For more info on typical results, please search "Rodan + Fields IDS".</em></p>